Richmond education gardens & apiary

The Clarendon Hills Park Foundation

On May 27th, over three hundred students at Prospect Elementary School helped welcome the Clarendon Hills Parks Foundation FIRST SCULPTURE. The students at Prospect Elementary were asked to name the Tyrannosaurs Rex sculpture.  Mirroring the U.S. primary elections, students held a primary and then a general election to name the T - REX. The winning name was Jurassic Jimmy.

Jurassic Jimmy will be permanently installed over the next thirty days in Prospect Park as the first of several sculptures to be installed in our park system.

Please help make future sculptures and various projects possible by becoming a member of the Clarendon Hills Parks Foundation. We are targeting ONE HUNDRED NEW annual members joining the Clarendon Hills Parks Foundation.

This annual contribution will allow for future sculptures and other exciting amenities to be part of our park system.

The Villages of Clarendon Hills and Westmont are working together to design and develop the Richmond Education Gardens and Apiary. This new facility will be located on the unused 0.15 acre Village public road right of way, between the Village of Clarendon Hills Public Works facility and the Downers Grove Township Highway Garage, south of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad. This right-of-way is owned by both the Village of Clarendon Hills and the Village of Westmont. Once completed, the Gardens will provide a new place in our communities to promote education programs about natural and organic gardening methods and our environment.